Biohacker's Handbook - Nutrition

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You are what you eat.

Eat well for tomorrow, not just for today.

Optimizing nutrition for personal needs is one of the cornerstones of living a good life.

Biohacker's Handbook chapter on nutrition sets new standards on how to look at nutrition from the individual's perspective.

Topics included:

  • Optimizing digestion and gut bacteria
  • Brain-gut axis
  • Optimal food preparation and cooking methods and utensils
  • Upgrading daily food items and ingredients
  • Avoiding toxins, allergens and antinutrients
  • Genetics, quantified self and building nutrition that fits individual needs

Instead of cookie cutter advice, Biohacker's Handbook delivers well researched information in a well designed format. Find out what is the 20 % to reach 80 % of results when it comes to food and nutrition. Save time in getting to the nuts and bolts of what's on your plate.

Authors: Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi, Technology Specialist Teemu Arina and Nutrition Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja

Design: Lotta Viitaniemi

Pages: 178

References: 503

Availability: PDF (compatible with most electronic readers including but not limited to Mac, PC, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone etc.)

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