Biohacker's Handbook - Exercise

Healthy mind in a healthy body, as the saying goes.

Hippocrates has said that “Eating alone is not enough for health, there must also be exercise.”

Biohacker's Handbook chapter on exercise dives deep into the health implications on exercise and challenges existing understanding of what type of exercise is good for you.

In today's technology-oriented world, we have become alienated from our natural need to move, hunt, and gather food. In terms of survival, immaterial things have replaced physical effort. It is tragic that it is precisely the lack of bodily exercise that makes us unable to deal with the challenges that cause an ever-growing amount of stress on our minds.

Topics covered:

  • Health and exercise
  • Individual and social aspects of exercise
  • Key anatomy and biology considering biohacking
  • Energy systems and reserves
  • Improving endurance, strength, speed and mobility
  • Top technologies for exercie
  • Example training programs
  • Measuring and improving fitness
  • Exercise and genetics

Instead of cookie cutter advice, Biohacker's Handbook delivers well researched information in a well designed format. Find out what is the 20 % to reach 80 % of results when it comes to exercise and fitness. Save time in getting to the results you seek.

Authors: Medical Doctor Olli Sovijärvi, Technology Specialist Teemu Arina and Nutrition Specialist Jaakko Halmetoja

Design: Lotta Viitaniemi

Pages: 188

References: 439

Availability: PDF (compatible with most electronic readers including but not limited to Mac, PC, Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Tab, iPhone etc.)

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